Thursday, June 22, 2006

Senate Rejects Call to Withdraw Troops

I have to say I agree with the results of these two votes, it is about time the Democrats realize that we need to finish the work we started in Iraq. This is not the 1970’s and the Democrats do not have a monopoly on the information that gets out through the media. I am sure it is much to their dismay as it would just be easier for them if Americans “We Plebs” Were as stupid and blind and just followed the crap they spew from day to day.

Luckily for us we do have other media outlets that put the word out and without the typical liberal spin. This however was not the case during the Vietnam War, which the Democrats are quick to make comparisons too mind your, the anti-war movement then had whatever access they needed to bring down the US. The results are apparent, even the Generals of the North Vietnamese admit they were loosing the war and just held out for the anti-war crowd to change public opinion. Which we know is what happened, never have we seen such a successful attempt to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

David Horowitz, who helped to organize the first campus demonstration against the war at the University of California, Berkeley in 1962, has reflected on this tragedy

“Every testimony by North Vietnamese generals in the postwar years has affirmed that they knew they could not defeat the United States on the battlefield, and that they counted on the division of our people at home to win the war for them. This is what happened. The blood of hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese, and tens of thousands of Americans, is on the hands of the anti-war activists who prolonged the struggle and gave victory to the Communists...and we wanted them to win.” You can find this info


This is exactly what our glorious Senators, Kerry, Reid, and Levin, tried to accomplish today. Thankfully we have enough Senators that know better and knew that this would have given the signal to the insurgents that we are going to tuck tale and run. Especially after what happened the other day with those two young men, May god have mercy on their souls, my prayers go out to their families that they might find some peace in their time of grief.

You should know this, that if the Senate would have had voted in favor of either of these bills, we would have embolden the terrorists and shown them we do not have the fortitude to stand a few gruesome deaths. It would have been Mogadishu all over again and that one act inspired Bin Laden to attack us on our home soil. Who could know what would have been inspired in some other murderer had the Senate voted in favor of ending our presence in Iraq after this tragedy.

I do agree that we need to bring the troops home, but only after the mission is completed. If the military starts to take those of us with bum feet, I will be standing in that line to sign back up and go back into active duty. Till the day they take handicapped people I will have to be content in knowing that there are people that have stronger character than Senator Kerry, Reid and Levin willing to protect my rights to write this and their right to speak what they will.

These are my thoughts on this matter you can find this story Here


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