Sunday, June 25, 2006

Paying a monthly bill to watch TV? Why would you do such a stupid thing?

I know you all have probably seen these satellite TV’s for your PC. I have it linked to the left hand side as I really enjoy my service. I decided to write about my experience with it tonight as I am just getting off of my second job. So I will start at the beginning maybe you will like to check it out yourself, it is quite crazy to be honest that this is legal and works.

I bought my software package 3 months ago I think, time flies when you are having fun after all. Anyway I wasn’t really sure if I wanted it as I was paying for digital cable already and I loved that. I loved the DVR that came with the cable and was able to get rid of that crappy VCR I had from 20 years ago. I found the site I linked to at that time, it was cheap, about $110 cheaper than I was paying for my cable bill each month. I had just worked some over time and seeing I get to keep the overtime pay for what I want I figured I would give this a try.

So I did some searching the site I have to the left was the cheapest for what was being offered, so I figured I would go with them,. Being that it was only $40 instead of $50 or the one site wanted $150, the $40 fit right in with what I had extra in my check so it was a perfect fit. If Uncle Sam didn’t take out so much I would have had more to play with, unfortunately they always seem to get theirs. Anyway I bought the package and was able to get it within 5 min so I was excited.

I took the next 15 minutes I was setup and ready to go. Boy was it cool! I am a tech geek from the word go and wow. I had literally 2000 channels at my finger tips. I was watching TV in France, granted I couldn’t understand a damn word of it but I had the channel. I was able to get all my favorite channels I had on cable plus some that I had only heard about form friends living over seas. No more waiting for some soccer game to come on, yes I am a soccer fan never been good at playing it but I do like it a habit I picked up from my friends in Italy when I was in the service. Got side track again didn’t I? Sorry have that habit when talking about something I enjoy.

So there I was with 2000 channels, paying only $40 for it. I was paying $140 to have 200 channels on cable, phone, and internet. I of course didn’t have my DVR but that wasn’t an issue as I was almost positive I could find someone that had one. Which of course I did and you can find them here. They offer many solutions to DVR’s for PC as well as normal DVR’s for your home TV’s.

If you are really paying a monthly bill for your TV, check these guys out. If you are like me it will save you $500 or more the first year! I know I can do a lot more with that $500 than giving it to the cable company.

These guys that are selling the program to get satellite on your PC say their rates are going to rise so check it out and get in on the deal while you can. Even if it does go up I would more than be happy to pay $150 for this system as it is saving me more than that within 6 months.

You can follow the links in this post or just click on the left hand side and follow that link. Do not worry you can get your money back if you are not happy with this, not sure why you wouldn't be absolutely overjoyed with saving money and getting more channels than you can shake a stick at, but you can get your money back in full if that is the case.

One last thing if you purchase this through my Blog here I will give you $10 dollars in your pay pal account after 60 days of you purchasing it, just send me a copy of the receipt to my email after the 60 days and I will send you $10, so it will cost you just $30 to get free TV! That is how sure I am that you will love this. I am willing to put my money where my mouth is. As always feel free to drop me a line and tell me how much you just love your free TV. I know my family and I just love it, so much we had to go and get a bigger Monitor so we can watch it while sitting on the couch.


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