Wednesday, July 12, 2006

FDA siezes 1600 lbs of Chicken, pork, and goose from Troy Warehouse

This report is for fellow Michiganders, Channel 4 reported on this at 11:15 am this morning. Going through my daily news sites and I stumbled upon this.

Hundreds of pounds of illegally imported meat and chicken have been confiscated by federal and state investigators.The U.S. Department of Agriculture worked with the Michigan Department of Agriculture on a raid at a Troy warehouse. Investigators found chicken, goose and pork products from areas in China affected by Bird Flu, Local 4 reported.USDA investigators seized more than 1,600 pounds of illegally imported poultry and pork products, the station reported. Most of the products were mislabeled and put in boxes that read frozen tilapia, according to the report.

Now we do not have much on this and I will try to stay abreast of it today as more information comes out.


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