Monday, July 10, 2006

Japan wakes up, will China and our leaders finally do the right thing

Well I have to say it is about time that someone near North Korea started taking them serious. With the recent development of Japan talking about a possible strike, the US talking about deploying the patriot missile system to Japan and South Korea it will help make that region a bit safer. We all know that the little man in the North is just as Looney as anyone on the left today. This is probably why Clinton gave him the damn nuclear reactors to begin with, of course the left is conveniently forgetting this part and the talks that they, the Clinton Administration, held in 1994. Talks by the way that didn’t include any of North Koreans neighbors, and the left seems to forget that it was Jimmy Carter that assured us all that the little man from North Korea would not use those reactors to attain a nuclear bomb.

So what do we have now? Well we have another dictator that is loved by the leftist of the world threatening all out war if the US doesn’t bow down and talk to them alone. Or if the US acts in its best interest and knocks one of those missiles down before they get off the launching pad. I think the US and others made a huge mistake by allowing the little man from North Korea an opportunity to launch his missiles. They were able to garner great scientific data by those failed launches and the next missile that is launched might just have a nuclear tip and land on our West coast, then what will be the spin from the lefties at that time?

As I said in the opening paragraph, at least the Japanese are taking this crack pot serious. Now if we can get the Chinese on board we just might be able to diffuse this situation without an all out war, one which will show the world exactly why the US is the lone super power and that their dreams of a World where China is equal to the US is just that a pipe dream. I might make a suggestion to our leaders sitting in Washington wringing their fat little hands about this situation, DO SOMETHING FOR US THIS TIME NOT FOR WHAT YOU THINK THE WORLD NEEDS!


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