Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Isareal pushes deeper into Lebanon

Just when the world cries more and more for Israel to stop the bombings, especially in light of the recent building collapse where many women and children were killed. I have reservations about that as the building didn't collapse till 8 hrs later, according to other news sources I have heard on the radio. You can see some photos here that really burn my ass.

It is hard to fight anyone that has this view on life, or death if you want. To parade the dead children around as some trophy for the news is just atrocious. You do not see Israel or other western nations doing this. So why are these barbarians so hell bent on showing their dead. You know when I watch the news and talk to others on this matter. I see to contrasting views. On one side I see Hezbollah celebrate whenever there are Israelis killed, and they parade around their dead for the cameras as some trophy to be seen by the whole world. Meanwhile, I hear Israelis that mourn their dead and denounce the killing the any child. I do not see Israelis trotting out the bodies of their citizens killed by Hezbollah rockets for the world to see. I do not see them televising the funerals.

You know now that I think about it, maybe they are doing that but because of the Media bias the stories are not getting out? I mean there has definitely been a lot more sympathy for Hezbollah than for Israel in the media coverage. There have been over 2000 missiles launched into Israel, I have seen very little mention of that, or have I seen many mentions of the two countries that Hezbollah gets their weapons from, or money to function.

Either way I am glad that Israel is taking their citizens safety seriously, heaven knows the rest of the world and the liberals in the US are as anti-semantic as the Nazi's during World War II. I will pray for peace and hope that it will be lasting, that may mean that Israel will need to continue till Hezbollah is finally disarmed as the UN stated years ago.


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