Wednesday, August 02, 2006

EU-No intent yet to add Hizbollah to terror list

"Given the senstitive situtaion, I don't think this is something we will be acting on now," Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja, told a news conference following an emergency meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels.

What is wrong with this picture? Besides the misspelling of the reporter of this story that is. Is there something in the water in Brussels that makes these men and woman of Europe so cowardly? I mean how much more crap can one group do before they are finally referred to as the terrorist they are. They intentionally target civilians, they intentionally target innocent people and yet they are herald as the victims. Let us not forget it was Hezbollah digging a tunnel and snatching the soldiers that started this whole mess.

It wasn’t as if the Israelis launched some air raids, or sent in tanks into southern Lebanon first. It is not as if the other group on the border didn’t kidnap a soldier first. In all my time of watching these developments over my 20 years of paying attention to this sort of thing, one thing stands out above all else, that is the Islamofascist have started every conflict.

We get them to agree to a cease fire, and everyone breathes a sigh of relief that some war has been avoided. Then 6 months to 6 years later we have another provoke attack by groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, all we need is for Iran and Syria to stop acting as proxies and just invade Israel. Then the US will be justified in finishing this war that they seem to want to start.

Lets not be confused here, the US would wipe the floor with Iran, Syria, and any other nation that openly attacked. This is why they can not and will not attack openly. They will continue to fund these terror groups for their proxy war against the Israelis, and the US will continue to fund Israel all the while we get to suffer the fools that condemn Israel but not the ones that started the whole mess.

I realize that we might not know who started this mess 1000 of years ago; I have read reports of this fighting starting around 900 BC. But we know who is starting it after each and every cease fire. We need the world to rise up in voice and stop this backwards view of putting the aggressors as the victims, just because the original victims, the Israelis in this case, have the technological advantage and the superior standing army. When we can say with one voice “You started this attack and you should lay down your arms and cease the hostilities Hezbollah” we will continue to have these skirmishes and we will continue to see cowards in the EU and the US, namely socialist liberal weenies, to condemn the innocent and pander to the terrorists.


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