Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I have been quite busy the last 4 days

I have been working with my friend and partner in putting up a few different sites. We established a quotes, biographies, pictures site earlier this month. I have been trying to help get it ranked on google and yahoo and it is coming along quite well. We have recieved around 183 uniques this month and over 1k page views just from Google. We are hoping to hit about 600 unique visitors this month it would be quite an accomplishment we feel.

The other site we put up is a forum designed for many users of varying interests. It was installed around the same time and is actually doing a bit better than the quote site. We have 8 active members in the last 2 weeks and are trying to get more with advertising at other sites and forums we have visited.

The quote website is called FocusDep

The forum is called TalkDep

If you wish to stop by that would be great, join the forum and start a convo with people. Both sites are free to everyone so come by and help us burn some bandwith :)


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