Friday, August 18, 2006

DNC Party Plaform reviewed Part II

Honest Leadership & Open Government – President Bush has done everything he can to keep congress in the loop. How many times have we read a story that said that members of this committee or that committee were included in the planning stage, or given the information that the President had? Granted the Liberals will say “Well he kept important information from us” Like we had with the war in Iraq intelligence reporting. Funny thing is if you do a search for the documents you will find exactly what the report states. I am not one that will buy into the fact that the Democrats in the Intelligence Committee didn’t have access to the same report I can find on the net. In my honest opinion this first one is just bogus political talking points from the party of no.

Real Security – How are the democrats going to accomplish this one? They have opposed the Patriot Act; they are against the Military and the Intelligence agencies. We had a Democrat President that did more to destroy the military and the nation’s intelligence agencies than he did to help them. The Democrats want to “cut and run” from all conflicts and put our heads in the sand. All in the hopes that the Islamic Terrorists will leave us alone, what about the decades leading up to 9/11? How do they justify this reasoning with the way President Clinton handled things? We had many terrorist attacks during Clintons 8 years at the helm. He did absolute nothing, in fact his handling of Somalia led Bin Laden to believe that we Americans were soft and could not take any casualties. It was the defining moment that gave him the courage to start and plan 9/11 years before President Bush took office. Unless you think that they planned that attack in 8 month?

Energy Independence - This one is laughable coming from the people that consistently keep up on the foreign oil. Democrats and their lobbyists, in the form of Environmentalism, have kept us from developing and building refineries, they have kept us from drilling off the coasts, setting up wind farms in ideal locations, kept us from drilling for oil in Alaska. Hell we can not even begin to fathom what oil we have in this country. So now the Democrats, seeing that gas prices are rising, are hoping that the American public will forget exactly who has kept us on the foreign oil for all these decades. As I said this one is laughable and nothing more than another talking point with no real solution coming from the Democrats.

Economic Prosperity & Educational Excellence – This is another talking point from the Democrats. Through their lobbyists in the National Educational Association, they have had control of our Public School systems, well forever. We have one of the worst returns for that as well today. They have fought tooth and nail to hold the Teachers accountable and have testing based on performance, they have asked for more and more money every year. In fact compared to other industrialized nations we pay more per student and get far less in return. The Democrats do not have an answer for the Educational problems we are facing.

Part III coming next….


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