Thursday, August 24, 2006

Democrats playing stupid again

Wal-Mart drives Democrats batty

Jonah Goldberg: Wal-Mart Drives Democrats Batty
The left's dunderheaded broadsides at the nation's biggest employer.
August 24, 2006

NED LAMONT'S primary victory against Joe Lieberman in Connecticut supposedly represented the triumph of the antiwar, anti-Bush "net roots" within the Democratic Party. Alas, our troop presence in Iraq is increasing; it appears Lieberman, running as an independent, will trounce Lamont; and President Bush is having his best week in the polls in six months (which is not quite the same thing as saying he's doing well in the polls).

So have the Lamonters and other victims of so-called BDS — Bush derangement syndrome — been routed? Not quite. Because BDS sufferers have a related secondary affliction: WMDS. This refers not to the unfound weapons of mass destruction but to Wal-Mart derangement syndrome. And the Democratic Party is ministering to these patients with reckless abandon.

The New York Times reported recently that the Democrats have, en masse, declared their party to be the enemy of the mega-box store. Sen. Joe Biden Jr. (D-Del.) recently delivered a "blistering attack" on the company at an anti-Wal-Mart rally in Iowa, and other Democrats have appeared at similar events. Indeed, one of the few times Lieberman and Lamont appeared at the same event during their primary contest was at an anti-Wal-Mart clambake in the Nutmeg State.

This bonfire of buffoonery is helping me learn to love Wal-Mart. First, let's talk politics. More people shop at Wal-Mart every week (127 million) than voted in the 2004 presidential election, according to a company website. They are disproportionately low-income folks who, by some estimates, are collectively saving hundreds of billions of dollars by shopping there.
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You know I came from one of those little towns that the democrats are so fond of talking about now a days, Our towns population while I was in High School was 2600, summer it blossomed to 10k due to tourists, the next largest town was 15k in population. The council of that town passed some local laws taxing businesses and that town lost the major supplier of jobs, Proctor and Gamble, well lets just say that in 3 years time the town went from 15k to just over 4k population. My little community stayed around 2200, we did loose some that used to work at the P&G plant. Now the plant closed and moved because they could no longer make a decent profit to constitute keeping the doors open. Maybe a large city can loose 11k population but if you loose 75% of your population I do not care who you are, things are going to go to hell.

Well the year I graduated Wal-Mart came to that town, all the mom and pop stores were going nuts because they were going to 'loose their business". Funny thing is yes some did in fact loose their business, those that did paid minimum wage and did not offer any health insurance regardless of the Democrats complaining about Wal-Mart. The ones that faired well actually went into competition with Wal-Mart and kept their prices about the same. They received that end of the business from the community as the community realized they were not trying to gouge them for the same product as Wal-Mart had. Oh I forgot to mention that the job loss that happened to these mom and pop shops that went out of business all were hired by Wal-Mart at a higher wage than what they were getting previously. It was a win-win for the community as it boosted the income of some of the people in the area and allowed more people to move in that needed a job from the surrounding areas. Now it has been a few years, about 15, and that town went from 4k population to about 8k now. My little part of the woods grew from the modest 2200-2600 to 7k in that time. Why? Well I think that both areas are growing well because there is actually a few more jobs due to the Wal-Mart, that is now a super Wal-mart, and other large named big saving stores moving in. The towns are keeping businesses there and making it worthwhile for new ones to move in by keeping their local taxes low on the property. In fact I believe they both stopped levying a tax on businesses that owned property as they realized that the tax they have gained by citizens moving in is much greater than what they had when people left when the work was no more.

What is the Moral? Go after Wal-Mart and the other "large box" stores and find out how quickly your community dies when everyone leaves to find jobs elsewhere. Democrats as usual are being shortsighted and only looking at their lobbyist in the Unions for guidance. I do hope that they wake up as I am getting tired of having only once choice for public office, granted it is a choice but I like to have a viable second option. Not only are the Democrats stuck on stupid in the war on terror, but they are stuck on stupid when it comes to the economy and people like me that are middle class and trying to eek out a living in their glorious utopia they have made in Michigan and other areas where they manage to get their grubby little hands on.


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