Friday, August 18, 2006

DNC Party Plaform reviewed Part III

Economic Prosperity is another talking point they like to trot out. We have Unemployment rates lower than they were in the so called 90’s boom. We have more people owning homes than ever before. The jobs keep growing, even after the disastrous dot com burst that happened shortly after 2001. We have done this as a country through a recession, the worst attack on our financial structure ever, and through so many corrupt corporation scandals that started well before the year 2000. They might have ended while President Bush has been office, but this mess started long before he got into office.

A Healthcare System that Works for Everyone – I guess this is the new version of Hillary Care? How disillusioned can they be, if you need healthcare you can head to the emergency room and receive the care you need? Without insurance to boot, if you can not pay the hospital will bill you and if you still do not pay they will write it off. Now I am not personally happy about this, but hey it is the way it is setup. If you need care you can receive it, and if you do not have prescription plan the doctor can give you samples for what ails you. How much better can it get for those with no health insurance? There are even doctors that have started new clinics that take only cash for payment. There by getting rid of the need to have employees to sort through and deal with the Health Insurance agencies In case you are wondering, I have family that are unable to pay for much of what they have and can not afford health insurance. So they have used the system, to mine and your tax dollars no less. So again just another talking point by the Democrat party it is so good to see that they really have our interests at heart isn’t it?

Retirement Security – Do I even have to start with how much this is a talking point? If they were really worried about retirement security for all Americans they would let us have the same system they have in Government, Our lovely Senators and House members are able to take a portion of their pay and put it in higher percentage yielding stocks, as well as in the traditional Social Security if they so wish. Why can we not have that same deal? What makes them so special to receive such treatment but we peons are not able to make the same choice?

You know I was going to get into the RNC platform but after this, is there really a point? The Democrats have never had a plan for America beyond the “We Hate BUSH”. If America looks at things properly and in the proper context of history they will make the right choice comes November and the Democrats will loose even more seats in the House and Senate as well as Governors. It would do the USA some good to have even more of these self-serving donkeys out office.

As always this is my opinion and my opinion alone, I wish you all a good life and hope you can make the right choices to bring our Nation greater glory.


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