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Best Defence Against Terrorism Is A Split With US, Say Voters

Best Defence Against Terrorism Is A Split With US, Say Voters

By Peter Riddell
September 06, 2006

MOST people believe that the Blair Government’s foreign policy has increased significantly the risk of terrorist attacks and now want Britain to distance itself from America and set a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq, according to a poll for The Times.

The Populus poll was undertaken over the weekend as news came of the death of 14 British servicemen on board a crashed Nimrod aircraft in Afghanistan.

The results underline the unpopularity of Tony Blair’s Middle Eastern policy and how a majority of voters believe there is a direct connection with terrorist plots and attacks at home.

Nearly three quarters of the public (73 per cent) believe that “the British Government’s foreign policy, especially its support for the invasion of Iraq and refusal to demand an immediate ceasefire by Israel in the recent war against Hezbollah in Lebanon, has significantly increased the risk of terrorist attacks on Britain”.

>Moreover, three fifths (62 per cent) agree that “in order to reduce the risk of future terrorist attacks on Britain the Government should change its foreign policy, in particular by distancing itself from America, being more critical of Israel and declaring a timetable for withdrawing from Iraq”. Women (66 per cent) and Liberal Democrat voters (74 per cent) agree with this view particularly strongly.

Nonetheless, a similar proportion of voters (63 per cent) believe that “Muslim extremists hate democracy and the Western way of life, and if Britain’s foreign policy were different they would find another excuse for their terrorist activities”. This is a widely held view, backed by two thirds of Labour and Tory voters, but only just over a half (53 per cent) of Lib Dems.

However, voters are also sympathetic to Muslim concerns. Just a half (52 per cent) believe that “even though there is no justification for terrorism, the British Government’s foreign policy, especially towards Iraq and the recent attacks on Lebanon by Israel, is anti-Muslim and it is understandable that many Muslims are offended by it”

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You know appeasement did not work out so well in the 1930's with Hitler. There is no difference between the Islamo Facists and the Facists of Hitlers time. They both wanted the Jews dead. Never have I seen a world so bent on killing one race. The UN is the harboer of anti-jewish behavior The EU scoffs and holds their noses up so high that they are firmly stuck up a bird's ass and just wildly go where ever that Bird goes. I am hopefully that this works out for them, I just can not see how negotiating with people that are starting at "We are going to kill you if you do not do as we say" is going to do any good.


Blogger Man_with_no_name said...

Wow, good insight... with Blair announcing that he'll quit next year.

2:21 PM  
Blogger Talad said...

Well he has said all along that he was going to quit after 10 years. Of course it will not stop the liberal press and bloggers from saying it is because of his close ties to the President. I am worried about the fact that people can not seem to get around the whole idea of appeasing those that are starting at the point of killing us. How do you negotiate with that point of view?

Liberal Appeaser: "We will pull out of the middle east and dismantle our military if you let us alone"

Muslim Terrorist: No infidel we are going to kill you if you do not swear allegience to Allah and enact sharia law.

I could go one with what Democrats have stated all day.

I wish PM Blair all the best in his private life. And I hope that in Britains haste to embrace appeasement that it does not come back to haunt them down the road.

11:29 PM  
Blogger Man_with_no_name said...

Well it seems to me the British were skittish about have troops over in Iraq from the beginning. Tony blair was taking alot of hits about being George W's lackey. After all the England is a small country with a sizeable International population..last thing they need is terrorism.

7:03 PM  

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