Friday, August 04, 2006

What is all this mess?

What is happening in today’s world? We have Shiites in Iraq chanting death to Israel they apparently wish death to America too. I guess being kept under heal by the Sunni’s for so many decades didn’t wake them up to oppression and the inability to live in peace with their neighbors. All of this is going on while Israeli forces pound Hezbollah into the Stone Age. I realize that they have been given a voice as freedom of speech in Iraq is on the rise. But can they at least condemn those that started this round of hostilities? I realize that our leaders in the Democratic Party can not condemn Hezbollah, but we never said they had a brain right? Granted it is one House member from my state, which I wish I could vote in the election against the ass hat, needs to go. Yes I realize that his district contains Dearborn, one of the largest populations of Arabs in the world, outside of the Middle East of course. The least he could do is follow the State Department and his country in condemning a Terrorist group!

The BBC did a mock style 9/11 attack in London and they are now catching flak for it, I can not say I am not surprised the least bit. The video shows a plane hitting the Houses of Parliament as well as a picture of Mr. Blair with a bullet hole in his head while he slept next to his wife. The skit also shows a bombing in Tel Aviv by Hamas. It is so good to see that BBC is taking terrorism so lightly in lieu of what is happening in the world today. I guess the train station bombings were just a joke to them as well.

Then on the more humorless side of today’s headlines, we have Cindy Adam’s view that Stone’s 9/11 Trade Center movie is TOO SOON, TOO SLOW, I will agree that Oliver Stone is a crappy Director and his movies are normally fairly jerky and take way to long to develop. But just who does this woman think she is? Another elitist from the far left coast of Kookville in my opinion, now I do not have much love for Hollywood either but I would not wish that ones career ends because they had a drunken outburst. Regardless of what the experts say, alcohol is not a truth serum if it was then every horny guy that went to the bar would be laid by nights end. It seems that as usual a New Yorker gets it wrong; they did vote in a carpet bagger after all and seem to drink from the kool-aid cooler to much.

It just seems to me that the world is going to hell quickly, and unless it wakes up we will have another Hitler style government killing millions of innocent people in the Middle East and the world in a few years. As far as Mrs. or Miss Adams goes, I can not see her being married, what man would want to be with that. I hope she finds a place for her hate and ignorance


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