Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lieberman and MoveOn

I know this is late, had a nice weekend with the family away. Really beautiful in the Thumb, did some fishing with my boy and my daughter actually caught more fish than I did. So you will have to forgive me on my tardiness we got back Monday Afternoon and I had to take care of some business.

Today’s election will have a major impact on the Democrat party I predict. It will either propel Move On to greater heights, I use that term loosely, or it will set them back like no other election to date. You see Move On has a very bad habit of getting behind losers, I can not think of one candidate they have supported for a national office that has won. You could count Dean as a win, but I think he is helping the Republicans more than the Democrats at this point in time. Move On supported Hackett in Ohio, and then he was pressured to drop out from the Democrat leadership there. That was a major blow in of its self.

If Lamont wins today, it will be the first real victory the anti-war crowd can point to as positive. Till date they have only been able to say "Well we got close so that is a win". Not sure where they hell they went to school but ok. Where I went to school close didn't count as a win, and losers were not winners. But I digress... I think that the Democrats are opening a can of worms they do not want to though. You see one of two things can happen with this scenario.

1) Lamont Wins and then Liberal, oops I mean Lieberman, runs as an independent. All polling shows that Liberal, dang did it again Lieberman, wins hands down in the General election meaning that the Democrats loose a seat in the Senate if Lieberman wins as an independent. Of course there is nothing to keep him from changing back to the Democrats. I do not see him do this of course.

2) Lamont wins and then goes on and wins the November elections. This is the best possible result for the Move on and anti-American left. Because in their minds they will feel they are finally getting through to the voters. It will also make Move on show the rest of the Democrat party they are to be taken serious as big money contributors. It will also boldens the left and make their claims that the American citizen is loosing patience with the war in Iraq. However this is dual edge swords sort of speak. You see a Win by Lamont will indeed boldens the cretins on the anti-American left and will show more of the population how dangerous they are to run the country. This will aid the Republicans in 2008 so we can get more bitching about how the Republicans stole another election.

Now if Lieberman wins today it will be a crushing blow to the Anti-American Left. It will be another nail in the coffin of Move on and its political movement. You see after so many failed campaign runs with looser candidates no one and I mean no one will take them seriously, save those lunatics in the Anti-American crowd. It will prove that the citizens are indeed in support of the Iraq war regardless of what the lunatic left states. It will vindicate Lieberman as a major player and there will be many eating crow I think.

I do hope that Lieberman looses and runs as an independent so I can see the cries of anguish on the Lefts face when he wins in November. You will hear how Rove set it up, or Bush paid off he election workers. Or even the Republicans stifled the vote in the Democrat controlled areas. It should be a good time for all though and I have plenty of pop corn here waiting for the results.

Remember to vote this Tuesday if you have primaries going, I will be at the poll fairly early along with my wife.


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