Thursday, August 10, 2006

It is comical

usy over the last two days, but I have been able to keep up with what is going on in the political world. I have to say it has been quite a comical spectacle.

First it started with Lieberman loosing in the primary by 11000 votes, or 4%. This is comical only because Michael Moore calls this a resounding defeat, only in a liberals mind is 4% a resounding defeat and 43% a mandate by the population. Then we have Mr. Lamont and his supporters claiming they have finally given the GOP a kicking. This is comical because an ultra-liberal beat another ultra-liberal in a primary by 4%. If you think for a moment that Mr. Lieberman is anything but an ultra-liberal you need to check his voting record. Just because he sided with the president on one issue, and make no mistake that is all he did wrong in the eyes of the Ultra-Liberal losers in the Democrat party.

He was ousted from his seat in the Democrat party, now the comical thing here is, and I really get laughing hard on this one, that Connecticut is primarily Independent voters. These Independents do not get to vote in the CT primary for either party. This is according to my reading of other news outlets and I have not found anything to contradict them. So if Lieberman runs in November as an independent it will be more representative of the feelings of the CT voters, not a primary that kept out 40% of the voting population because they identify themselves as anything but ultra-liberal losers. You know that I will be busting a gut if Lieberman comes back and beats the snot out of the ultra-liberal looser Lamont. But hey at least the Moon bats can finally claim a victory, although it came at the expense of their own party. Cannibalism is alive and well it seems on the left side of the isle.

Second thing I find comical over the last few days is the responses to this. IF you read any of the ultra-liberal Blogs you will see such anti-Semitism the likes that only Hitler could appreciate. You would see such intolerance for a man just because he happened to get along with his political opposite. I thought that is what we wanted in this country? I thought we wanted civil dissent and not hate filled rhetoric. Well it seems this is another issue the liberals and Democrats are hypocrites on. They want you lockstep with them, mind numb robots if you will. If you are not then they do not need you in their party. The big tent democrats just got a heck of a lot smaller.

I personally think this is what will happen in the coming months.

1) We will see the Looney left get more Looney, they will be embolden by this election and will in turn feel they are finally getting their message out.
2) Lieberman will be asked to step aside and not run as an independent this is already beginning in the Media. Watch it happen more and more as the run up to November comes closer

I also think that this is the beginning of the end of the Democrat party. Lieberman’s defeat sent a message to other Moderate, although Lieberman is anything but moderate, Democrats that they are not welcomed in the party unless they are screaming mad lunatics that toe the party line. I believe we will see a mass exodus of Moderates streaming over to the Republicans in the elections as they realize that their party of the little man is not officially insane. Of course time will tell if I am correct and November will be fast upon us.


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