Friday, September 15, 2006

President Bush Job Approval

Forty-seven percent (47%) of American adults approve of the way that President Bush is performing his job. Fifty percent (50%) disapprove. Those are by far the best numbers for the President since mid-February.

The spike is fueled largely by a resurgence of support among the President’s base. Eighty-five percent (85%) of Republicans now offer their approval. At its low point earlier in the year, just 66% of the GOP faithful approved of his job performance.

In January and much of February, the President’s Job Approval ratings were in the mid-40s. Then, they fell sharply and have hovered around 40% ever since. Fifty percent (50%) of men and 44% of women now say they somewhat or strongly approve of the President’s performance. Overall, 24% of Americans Strongly Approve and 38% Strongly Disapprove.

Since this is just the third day of a bounce, it remains to be seen whether this reflects lasting change or is nothing more than statistical noise. The Rasmussen Reports daily updates are based upon nightly telephone interviews and reported on a three-day rolling average basis. Most of the interviews for today’s update were completed after President Bush’s address to the nation three nights ago. Friday’s results will be the first based entirely upon interviews conducted after the speech and after the 9/11 anniversary.

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I normally do not put much faith into polls, especially those done by AP and Zogby they seem to over sample Democrats and get skewed results, but I figure this poll is safe to follow. One Rasmussen is the only pollster I know of that has even been remotely right in his sampling data. He called the election correctly not only 2000, but 2004 as well. Even with the flawed exit polling data showing Kerry winning at 3 PM, Rasmussen stuck by his predictions that President Bush would win by 2-3% points. It is kind of funny how the major media called the Election at 3PM when most voters were still at work, well save the Democrats that do not have jobs anyway, anyway that is for a different time. Back to my original thought, that was that Rasmussen is actually quite accurate in a hardly scientific method of getting a snap shot of the American people.

If you look at the data in this poll you will see that the increase has come from the Republican base. That support jumped from 66% to 85% almost a 20% increase, so it makes sense that the President would gain in approval with his base supporting him more now than they did earlier this year. Now this is good news I think for the Republicans. For one I am willing to bet all my earning for a month that the base is finally realizing the peril the country would be in if the Democrats do gain control of the congress in November. It is something I have realized from day one, and I was dismayed that so many were willing to put into a party that is more concerned with revenge than with protecting this country.

The democrats (I use a little d here because well they are tiny people) have helped the President by being on their very worst behavior. With attacking George Allen as a racist, to the treatment they gave to Joe Lieberman. They have shown the American people that they do not care about anything but getting back the power they feel they are entitled to. They have given us glimpses into their plans, impeachment and cut and run are the top of their priorities.

If you want to redeploy the troops to Okinawa, take a minute to look where Okinawa is compared to Iraq, which is cut and run. Regardless of what they (the Lunatic Democrats) try to dress it up as it results in the same thing. The one thing they have been trying to do since this war began, make it another Vietnam, they (the lunatic democrats) would prefer that our troops were spit on and hated than actually supporting them. They are still pissed that the Republicans were able to impeach Clinton, not because he got a blow job either, on perjury charges to a Federal Grand Jury. Clinton attempted to keep a woman from having her day in court on charges he sexually harassed her. He lied to the grand jury and for that he was disbarred and impeached, if the Senate would have had the balls he would have been fully impeached. For the Looney left though the fact that they feel he was impeached for something they wished they could get, speaks volumes to their sanity.

The best thing about this poll is that it shows us what really matters, that the base is getting behind the Republicans again, and that is due to the Democrats lack of understanding that not everyone truly hates the President for being a Republican.

There is one more thing that will eventually lead to a Democrat defeat in November, that is the gas prices. They are falling faster than anything I have ever seen. Mark my words if they continue to drop and approach the $2 mark before the elections Republicans regain control of both houses and probably pick up a few more.


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I'm amazed at the idiocy of this blog. Anyone who still has any faith in Bush has got to be out of their mind. And what's this utter nonsense about Democrats not having jobs? Are you aware that there is a tax drain from "Blue" States to "Red" States? Yes, that's right - Democrat-leaning states pay more than their share of federal taxes that go to subsidize the Red, Republican-leaning states. Wake up. If this country continues to follow the Bushites or the Huckabeeites who talk "religious values" while they get rich behind the scenes instead of giving a #%@#$ about normal Americans (working-class, blue-collar workers, educated middle class, and so forth, be they democrats or republicans), this country will disintegrate. How about we elect a president with a brain? A conscience? A coherent foreign or domestic policy?

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