Thursday, August 24, 2006

Democrats playing stupid again

Wal-Mart drives Democrats batty

Jonah Goldberg: Wal-Mart Drives Democrats Batty
The left's dunderheaded broadsides at the nation's biggest employer.
August 24, 2006

NED LAMONT'S primary victory against Joe Lieberman in Connecticut supposedly represented the triumph of the antiwar, anti-Bush "net roots" within the Democratic Party. Alas, our troop presence in Iraq is increasing; it appears Lieberman, running as an independent, will trounce Lamont; and President Bush is having his best week in the polls in six months (which is not quite the same thing as saying he's doing well in the polls).

So have the Lamonters and other victims of so-called BDS — Bush derangement syndrome — been routed? Not quite. Because BDS sufferers have a related secondary affliction: WMDS. This refers not to the unfound weapons of mass destruction but to Wal-Mart derangement syndrome. And the Democratic Party is ministering to these patients with reckless abandon.

The New York Times reported recently that the Democrats have, en masse, declared their party to be the enemy of the mega-box store. Sen. Joe Biden Jr. (D-Del.) recently delivered a "blistering attack" on the company at an anti-Wal-Mart rally in Iowa, and other Democrats have appeared at similar events. Indeed, one of the few times Lieberman and Lamont appeared at the same event during their primary contest was at an anti-Wal-Mart clambake in the Nutmeg State.

This bonfire of buffoonery is helping me learn to love Wal-Mart. First, let's talk politics. More people shop at Wal-Mart every week (127 million) than voted in the 2004 presidential election, according to a company website. They are disproportionately low-income folks who, by some estimates, are collectively saving hundreds of billions of dollars by shopping there.
Read the rest at LA Times.


You know I came from one of those little towns that the democrats are so fond of talking about now a days, Our towns population while I was in High School was 2600, summer it blossomed to 10k due to tourists, the next largest town was 15k in population. The council of that town passed some local laws taxing businesses and that town lost the major supplier of jobs, Proctor and Gamble, well lets just say that in 3 years time the town went from 15k to just over 4k population. My little community stayed around 2200, we did loose some that used to work at the P&G plant. Now the plant closed and moved because they could no longer make a decent profit to constitute keeping the doors open. Maybe a large city can loose 11k population but if you loose 75% of your population I do not care who you are, things are going to go to hell.

Well the year I graduated Wal-Mart came to that town, all the mom and pop stores were going nuts because they were going to 'loose their business". Funny thing is yes some did in fact loose their business, those that did paid minimum wage and did not offer any health insurance regardless of the Democrats complaining about Wal-Mart. The ones that faired well actually went into competition with Wal-Mart and kept their prices about the same. They received that end of the business from the community as the community realized they were not trying to gouge them for the same product as Wal-Mart had. Oh I forgot to mention that the job loss that happened to these mom and pop shops that went out of business all were hired by Wal-Mart at a higher wage than what they were getting previously. It was a win-win for the community as it boosted the income of some of the people in the area and allowed more people to move in that needed a job from the surrounding areas. Now it has been a few years, about 15, and that town went from 4k population to about 8k now. My little part of the woods grew from the modest 2200-2600 to 7k in that time. Why? Well I think that both areas are growing well because there is actually a few more jobs due to the Wal-Mart, that is now a super Wal-mart, and other large named big saving stores moving in. The towns are keeping businesses there and making it worthwhile for new ones to move in by keeping their local taxes low on the property. In fact I believe they both stopped levying a tax on businesses that owned property as they realized that the tax they have gained by citizens moving in is much greater than what they had when people left when the work was no more.

What is the Moral? Go after Wal-Mart and the other "large box" stores and find out how quickly your community dies when everyone leaves to find jobs elsewhere. Democrats as usual are being shortsighted and only looking at their lobbyist in the Unions for guidance. I do hope that they wake up as I am getting tired of having only once choice for public office, granted it is a choice but I like to have a viable second option. Not only are the Democrats stuck on stupid in the war on terror, but they are stuck on stupid when it comes to the economy and people like me that are middle class and trying to eek out a living in their glorious utopia they have made in Michigan and other areas where they manage to get their grubby little hands on.

Monday, August 21, 2006

And now for the good news


now for the good news

Progress is being made in the fight against AIDS in Africa, thanks in no small part to the president's aid program. But that's not what some people want to hear.

This is probably the best news I have heard on the fight against AIDS in Africa, we know that that disease is rampant on that continent and we know that billions are spent there each year. This news story is brought to us by John Donnelly at the Boston Globe I was surprised tof see such a story at the Globe to be honest. Here is what he had to say in this great news story.

FIVE YEARS AGO, in Jos, Nigeria, a city on the country's central plateau, Dr. John Idoko regularly made rounds in a hospital packed with people dying from AIDS because they couldn't pay for the antiretroviral drugs necessary to keep them alive. Three years ago, as the price of the drugs plummeted, the Nigerian doctor was able to deliver the life-extending medication to 700 patients-until his government's supply ran out for several months.

Today, the change for the better is astonishing: Idoko now treats nearly 6,000 HIV-positive patients. He has expanded his clinic three times in five years, and his waiting room once again is too crowded. ``Now, we are eyeing an abandoned building nearby," he said last week, chuckling.

The major reason for Idoko's success is the Bush administration's AIDS program, which in the last three years has sent billions of dollars to Africa and helped save the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. When I moved to Africa three years ago, the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, or PEPFAR, was just getting off the ground. As I return to Washington this month, the $15 billion program is just hitting its stride, and many Africans believe it has become the single most effective initiative in fighting the deadly scourge.

``The greatest impact in HIV prevention and treatment in Africa is PEPFAR-there's nothing that compares," Idoko said.

Now that is great news is it not? How can anyone say that this is bad news or that the US is not doing its part in the fight on AIDS? Well apparently the World Community can as they refuse to acknowledge that the US has done this much good in Africa. I know why this is the case, and Mr. Donnelly hits on it in his article. Here is what he had to say about the World community and the AIDS conference that took place in Toronto last week.

“That debate was on full view last week at the International AIDS Conference in Toronto, which ended Thursday. While the AIDS epidemic in Africa is as urgent a crisis as it ever was-an estimated 24 million are infected on the continent and as many as 2 million died last year from AIDS-related illnesses-there are now at least some hopeful signs, though few activists in Toronto wanted to give the United States any of the credit. Indeed, the politically polarized bickering, according to those in Washington AIDS policy circles, could have effects far beyond the Beltway, threatening to impede national and international funding for AIDS programs.
. . .
One telling moment in Toronto came last Sunday when Bill Gates, whose foundation has spent billions on global health in recent years, praised PEPFAR, prompting a chorus of boos from the audience. Earlier, Stephen Lewis, the passionate United Nations special envoy on AIDS in Africa, said that the Bush administration's push for abstinence programs as part of its ABC policy-which calls for abstinence until marriage, being faithful to one's partner, and failing that, using condoms-amounts to ``incipient neocolonialism."

For three years, a wide range of AIDS activists, including Lewis, have been hammering at what they perceive as faults of the US AIDS program, creating the perception that the program is riddled with trouble. They have criticized the administration for funneling its billions into PEPFAR rather than the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, another new initiative based in Geneva. They have claimed that the US-funded treatment programs were moving far too slowly. They have questioned the wisdom of the US preference for funding faith-based groups, and have complained that Congress's mandate to spend one-third of all money targeted for prevention on abstinence programs is excessive and counterproductive.

So as we can see here they are quite miffed at the fact the US is going this alone, they want that 15 billion dollars filtered through their organizations so they can enrich themselves. They disguise it as the fact that the US programs are moving to slowly, and that they have a preference to teach abstinence and if that doesn’t work then use condoms. I have one question as I wrap this up, who is really looking out for the African people and their fight against such a deadly disease, Europe, the UN and Canada? Or the US that has given a more money than all three combined? I am sure that Dr. John Idoko will tell you differently if you talked to him in person, and he has made it clear that the last 5 years he has seen a great improvement in the fight on AIDS in his neck of the woods. It seems that the US has the right attitude towards this and once again the World is pissed because they can not get their greedy hands on some of my tax dollars.

LandShark's ZogbyPoll - It's Unanimous! Great News 4 Election Detection!

I came across this story while visiting the daily political blogs; yes I do read the other side to see what is out there. This was an interesting poll, granted it is not released to the media yet and hopefully it will be soon. I think it is very telling, and not exactly how they are reacting over on DU. First lets start out with the thread over on DU called

LandShark's Zogby Poll - It's Unanimous! Great News 4 Election Detection!

Landshark goes on and posts some of his thoughts on this, yes I would be excited too to get this response to a poll I commissioned.

“In democracy, 51% wins. So what is 92%???

92% political support would be something like domination. Annihilation of the purported opposition. A nearly irresistible political force.

So what is this force or principle that's on the side of election protection and election detection?

92% would be the percentage of likely voters in a Zogby telephone poll who answered a certain question the same way.... The poll was commissioned by Paul Lehto with partial support for the poll provided by Michael Collins and, Democracy for New Hampshire, and other election detection patriots out there.

And what question did essentially all americans agree on??

Well, first a clue.

It doesn't matter more than a few percentage points whether you're black or white, hispanic or asian, republican or democrat or independent, catholic, protestant, jew, union or not, red state or blue state, very conservative or liberal, armed forces or nascar fan, walmart shopper or walmart boycotter, old or young, male or female, married or single, rich or poor. It just doesn't matter what demographic you're from because 86% is the lowest amount of support from any demographic and that's the youngsters 18-24 who're still in school (probably) and therefore "still learning."


And the question involves voters having a choice of state laws regarding transparency of vote counting:”

This is great news; I mean who wouldn’t want to have transparent election results? I know I would love that, it would no more BS about someone stealing an election. Which never happened regardless of what the conspiracy theorists say, if there was a stolen election then how could every major media outlet in Florida 2000 come up with the same result 4 out of 5 times? The only time they got a win for Gore was when the counted the ballots that were outlawed by Florida law before the election took place. Try to share that with a moonbat though and you are sure to get a few choice swear words and “How stupid can you be”, of course it doesn’t matter that the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, or other liberal biased news sources did the count, it only matter what the moonbat feels happened. God it is enough to get me pissed off again; anyway this poll that LandShark commissioned had some really interesting results.

“18. In some states, members of the public have the right to view the counting of votes and verify how that process is working. In other states, citizens are in effect barred from viewing vote counting even if they would like to view the process. Which of the following two statements are you more likely to agree with – A or B?

Table 1.

Statement A: Citizens have the right to view and obtain information about how election officials count votes.

Statement B: Citizens do not have the right to view and obtain information about how elections officials count votes.

Neither/Not sure

Most all likely voters (92%) agree that citizens have the right to view and obtain information about how election officials count votes (Statement A). Just 6% feel citizens do not have this right (Statement B).

Eighty-six percent or more of people within every demographic group agrees with Statement A. This includes overwhelming majorities of Democrats (93%), Republicans (87%), and independents (97%). Furthermore, no more than 10% of people in any sub-group – with the sole exception of 18-29 year-olds (13%) – agree more with Statement B.”

Like I said this is great news, of course I am concerned with the 6% that stated that Citizens do not have the right to view and obtain information about how the votes are counted. I think they are die hard liberals that are concerned they will not be able to get the illegal aliens and dead through the process. I know that Chicago might be a lot different if the Dead were unable to vote in their elections.

Now this is why I think this is not as good for the Democrats as the DU crowd is crowing about. 1) The Democrats are the ones that have problems voting, in every election controversy it happened in Democrat counties, with Democrat controlled board of election officials. In my entire life I have never seen such incompetence at anything and people so willing to pin it on someone else. Or they scream “WE ARE NOT GETTING OUR MESSAGE OUT!” I think they are getting the message out and the American people keep rejecting them. Time will tell if this is the case though and I think 2006 will be a good test to my theory. 2) With a transparent system, each voter getting a receipt if you will for their vote, we will not be able to have precincts reporting over 100% voting. This would have made it impossible for Washington State to elect the woman they have now if this was used in that election. 3) There could not be votes all of a sudden “found” when the Democrat candidate is found loosing the race. Like they did in Washington State in the recent Governor race, it would have had profound affects on the political scene in Washington.

All of these things lead me to believe that we will have more whining down the road form Democrats and the Liberals that wanted this in the first place. Remember it was the Democrats that wanted an electronic voting machine after the 2000 election because they couldn’t get their hanging and pregnant chads counted for their guy. The will claim the system is tainted or that the machines are spitting out the wrong name on the receipts when their guys and gals keep loosing national elections.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Well that just bites it all

Not sure what happened by my review of the DNC platform didn't go in the right order, sorry for the inconvience as I uploaded them all in order.

DNC Party Plaform reviewed Part III

Economic Prosperity is another talking point they like to trot out. We have Unemployment rates lower than they were in the so called 90’s boom. We have more people owning homes than ever before. The jobs keep growing, even after the disastrous dot com burst that happened shortly after 2001. We have done this as a country through a recession, the worst attack on our financial structure ever, and through so many corrupt corporation scandals that started well before the year 2000. They might have ended while President Bush has been office, but this mess started long before he got into office.

A Healthcare System that Works for Everyone – I guess this is the new version of Hillary Care? How disillusioned can they be, if you need healthcare you can head to the emergency room and receive the care you need? Without insurance to boot, if you can not pay the hospital will bill you and if you still do not pay they will write it off. Now I am not personally happy about this, but hey it is the way it is setup. If you need care you can receive it, and if you do not have prescription plan the doctor can give you samples for what ails you. How much better can it get for those with no health insurance? There are even doctors that have started new clinics that take only cash for payment. There by getting rid of the need to have employees to sort through and deal with the Health Insurance agencies In case you are wondering, I have family that are unable to pay for much of what they have and can not afford health insurance. So they have used the system, to mine and your tax dollars no less. So again just another talking point by the Democrat party it is so good to see that they really have our interests at heart isn’t it?

Retirement Security – Do I even have to start with how much this is a talking point? If they were really worried about retirement security for all Americans they would let us have the same system they have in Government, Our lovely Senators and House members are able to take a portion of their pay and put it in higher percentage yielding stocks, as well as in the traditional Social Security if they so wish. Why can we not have that same deal? What makes them so special to receive such treatment but we peons are not able to make the same choice?

You know I was going to get into the RNC platform but after this, is there really a point? The Democrats have never had a plan for America beyond the “We Hate BUSH”. If America looks at things properly and in the proper context of history they will make the right choice comes November and the Democrats will loose even more seats in the House and Senate as well as Governors. It would do the USA some good to have even more of these self-serving donkeys out office.

As always this is my opinion and my opinion alone, I wish you all a good life and hope you can make the right choices to bring our Nation greater glory.

DNC Party Plaform reviewed Part II

Honest Leadership & Open Government – President Bush has done everything he can to keep congress in the loop. How many times have we read a story that said that members of this committee or that committee were included in the planning stage, or given the information that the President had? Granted the Liberals will say “Well he kept important information from us” Like we had with the war in Iraq intelligence reporting. Funny thing is if you do a search for the documents you will find exactly what the report states. I am not one that will buy into the fact that the Democrats in the Intelligence Committee didn’t have access to the same report I can find on the net. In my honest opinion this first one is just bogus political talking points from the party of no.

Real Security – How are the democrats going to accomplish this one? They have opposed the Patriot Act; they are against the Military and the Intelligence agencies. We had a Democrat President that did more to destroy the military and the nation’s intelligence agencies than he did to help them. The Democrats want to “cut and run” from all conflicts and put our heads in the sand. All in the hopes that the Islamic Terrorists will leave us alone, what about the decades leading up to 9/11? How do they justify this reasoning with the way President Clinton handled things? We had many terrorist attacks during Clintons 8 years at the helm. He did absolute nothing, in fact his handling of Somalia led Bin Laden to believe that we Americans were soft and could not take any casualties. It was the defining moment that gave him the courage to start and plan 9/11 years before President Bush took office. Unless you think that they planned that attack in 8 month?

Energy Independence - This one is laughable coming from the people that consistently keep up on the foreign oil. Democrats and their lobbyists, in the form of Environmentalism, have kept us from developing and building refineries, they have kept us from drilling off the coasts, setting up wind farms in ideal locations, kept us from drilling for oil in Alaska. Hell we can not even begin to fathom what oil we have in this country. So now the Democrats, seeing that gas prices are rising, are hoping that the American public will forget exactly who has kept us on the foreign oil for all these decades. As I said this one is laughable and nothing more than another talking point with no real solution coming from the Democrats.

Economic Prosperity & Educational Excellence – This is another talking point from the Democrats. Through their lobbyists in the National Educational Association, they have had control of our Public School systems, well forever. We have one of the worst returns for that as well today. They have fought tooth and nail to hold the Teachers accountable and have testing based on performance, they have asked for more and more money every year. In fact compared to other industrialized nations we pay more per student and get far less in return. The Democrats do not have an answer for the Educational problems we are facing.

Part III coming next….

DNC Party Plaform reviewed Part I

I took a look at the DNC website today to see what they were up to for the 2006 midterms. I really wanted to see what plan they had and if they really had a detailed plan. I also took a look at the RNC to see what they had for a plan for the American people. Seeing that we do not have a strong third party in the states I will not bother to look at the other parties as they have no chance in hell to win in 2006.

We will start with the DNC; they have a 6 point plan for 2006. I am sure they will try to do something similar for 2008 especially if they feel it will help them gain power. So lets see what their brilliant ideas are for 2006 and what there plan is shall we.

1) Honest Leadership & Open Government
We will end the Republican culture of corruption and restore a government as good as the people it serves, starting with real ethics reform.
2) Real Security
We will protect Americans at home and lead the world by telling the truth to our troops, our citizens and our allies. We believe in a strong national defense that is both tough and smart, recognizing that homeland security begins with hometown security.
3) Energy Independence
We will create a cleaner, greener and stronger America by reducing our dependence on foreign oil, eliminating billions in subsidies for oil and gas companies and use the savings to provide consumer relief and develop energy alternatives, and investing in energy independent technology.
4) Economic Prosperity & Educational Excellence
we will create jobs that stay in America and restore opportunity for all Americans, starting with raising the minimum wage, expanding Pell grants and making college tuition tax deductible. We also believe in budget discipline that reduces our deficit.
5) A Healthcare System that Works for Everyone
We will join 36 other industrialized nations in making sure everyone has access to affordable health care, starting by fixing the prescription drug program and investing in stem cell and other medical research.
6) Retirement Security
we will ensure that a retirement with dignity is the right and expectation of every single American, starting with pension reform, expanding saving incentives and preventing the privatization of social security.

OK now lets look at this plan, first what I see is that there is not really much substance to it, even with the expanded description there is nothing to tell me exactly how they are going to accomplish this platform. So let’s take them one a time here…

Thursday, August 10, 2006

It is comical

usy over the last two days, but I have been able to keep up with what is going on in the political world. I have to say it has been quite a comical spectacle.

First it started with Lieberman loosing in the primary by 11000 votes, or 4%. This is comical only because Michael Moore calls this a resounding defeat, only in a liberals mind is 4% a resounding defeat and 43% a mandate by the population. Then we have Mr. Lamont and his supporters claiming they have finally given the GOP a kicking. This is comical because an ultra-liberal beat another ultra-liberal in a primary by 4%. If you think for a moment that Mr. Lieberman is anything but an ultra-liberal you need to check his voting record. Just because he sided with the president on one issue, and make no mistake that is all he did wrong in the eyes of the Ultra-Liberal losers in the Democrat party.

He was ousted from his seat in the Democrat party, now the comical thing here is, and I really get laughing hard on this one, that Connecticut is primarily Independent voters. These Independents do not get to vote in the CT primary for either party. This is according to my reading of other news outlets and I have not found anything to contradict them. So if Lieberman runs in November as an independent it will be more representative of the feelings of the CT voters, not a primary that kept out 40% of the voting population because they identify themselves as anything but ultra-liberal losers. You know that I will be busting a gut if Lieberman comes back and beats the snot out of the ultra-liberal looser Lamont. But hey at least the Moon bats can finally claim a victory, although it came at the expense of their own party. Cannibalism is alive and well it seems on the left side of the isle.

Second thing I find comical over the last few days is the responses to this. IF you read any of the ultra-liberal Blogs you will see such anti-Semitism the likes that only Hitler could appreciate. You would see such intolerance for a man just because he happened to get along with his political opposite. I thought that is what we wanted in this country? I thought we wanted civil dissent and not hate filled rhetoric. Well it seems this is another issue the liberals and Democrats are hypocrites on. They want you lockstep with them, mind numb robots if you will. If you are not then they do not need you in their party. The big tent democrats just got a heck of a lot smaller.

I personally think this is what will happen in the coming months.

1) We will see the Looney left get more Looney, they will be embolden by this election and will in turn feel they are finally getting their message out.
2) Lieberman will be asked to step aside and not run as an independent this is already beginning in the Media. Watch it happen more and more as the run up to November comes closer

I also think that this is the beginning of the end of the Democrat party. Lieberman’s defeat sent a message to other Moderate, although Lieberman is anything but moderate, Democrats that they are not welcomed in the party unless they are screaming mad lunatics that toe the party line. I believe we will see a mass exodus of Moderates streaming over to the Republicans in the elections as they realize that their party of the little man is not officially insane. Of course time will tell if I am correct and November will be fast upon us.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lieberman and MoveOn

I know this is late, had a nice weekend with the family away. Really beautiful in the Thumb, did some fishing with my boy and my daughter actually caught more fish than I did. So you will have to forgive me on my tardiness we got back Monday Afternoon and I had to take care of some business.

Today’s election will have a major impact on the Democrat party I predict. It will either propel Move On to greater heights, I use that term loosely, or it will set them back like no other election to date. You see Move On has a very bad habit of getting behind losers, I can not think of one candidate they have supported for a national office that has won. You could count Dean as a win, but I think he is helping the Republicans more than the Democrats at this point in time. Move On supported Hackett in Ohio, and then he was pressured to drop out from the Democrat leadership there. That was a major blow in of its self.

If Lamont wins today, it will be the first real victory the anti-war crowd can point to as positive. Till date they have only been able to say "Well we got close so that is a win". Not sure where they hell they went to school but ok. Where I went to school close didn't count as a win, and losers were not winners. But I digress... I think that the Democrats are opening a can of worms they do not want to though. You see one of two things can happen with this scenario.

1) Lamont Wins and then Liberal, oops I mean Lieberman, runs as an independent. All polling shows that Liberal, dang did it again Lieberman, wins hands down in the General election meaning that the Democrats loose a seat in the Senate if Lieberman wins as an independent. Of course there is nothing to keep him from changing back to the Democrats. I do not see him do this of course.

2) Lamont wins and then goes on and wins the November elections. This is the best possible result for the Move on and anti-American left. Because in their minds they will feel they are finally getting through to the voters. It will also make Move on show the rest of the Democrat party they are to be taken serious as big money contributors. It will also boldens the left and make their claims that the American citizen is loosing patience with the war in Iraq. However this is dual edge swords sort of speak. You see a Win by Lamont will indeed boldens the cretins on the anti-American left and will show more of the population how dangerous they are to run the country. This will aid the Republicans in 2008 so we can get more bitching about how the Republicans stole another election.

Now if Lieberman wins today it will be a crushing blow to the Anti-American Left. It will be another nail in the coffin of Move on and its political movement. You see after so many failed campaign runs with looser candidates no one and I mean no one will take them seriously, save those lunatics in the Anti-American crowd. It will prove that the citizens are indeed in support of the Iraq war regardless of what the lunatic left states. It will vindicate Lieberman as a major player and there will be many eating crow I think.

I do hope that Lieberman looses and runs as an independent so I can see the cries of anguish on the Lefts face when he wins in November. You will hear how Rove set it up, or Bush paid off he election workers. Or even the Republicans stifled the vote in the Democrat controlled areas. It should be a good time for all though and I have plenty of pop corn here waiting for the results.

Remember to vote this Tuesday if you have primaries going, I will be at the poll fairly early along with my wife.

Friday, August 04, 2006

What is all this mess?

What is happening in today’s world? We have Shiites in Iraq chanting death to Israel they apparently wish death to America too. I guess being kept under heal by the Sunni’s for so many decades didn’t wake them up to oppression and the inability to live in peace with their neighbors. All of this is going on while Israeli forces pound Hezbollah into the Stone Age. I realize that they have been given a voice as freedom of speech in Iraq is on the rise. But can they at least condemn those that started this round of hostilities? I realize that our leaders in the Democratic Party can not condemn Hezbollah, but we never said they had a brain right? Granted it is one House member from my state, which I wish I could vote in the election against the ass hat, needs to go. Yes I realize that his district contains Dearborn, one of the largest populations of Arabs in the world, outside of the Middle East of course. The least he could do is follow the State Department and his country in condemning a Terrorist group!

The BBC did a mock style 9/11 attack in London and they are now catching flak for it, I can not say I am not surprised the least bit. The video shows a plane hitting the Houses of Parliament as well as a picture of Mr. Blair with a bullet hole in his head while he slept next to his wife. The skit also shows a bombing in Tel Aviv by Hamas. It is so good to see that BBC is taking terrorism so lightly in lieu of what is happening in the world today. I guess the train station bombings were just a joke to them as well.

Then on the more humorless side of today’s headlines, we have Cindy Adam’s view that Stone’s 9/11 Trade Center movie is TOO SOON, TOO SLOW, I will agree that Oliver Stone is a crappy Director and his movies are normally fairly jerky and take way to long to develop. But just who does this woman think she is? Another elitist from the far left coast of Kookville in my opinion, now I do not have much love for Hollywood either but I would not wish that ones career ends because they had a drunken outburst. Regardless of what the experts say, alcohol is not a truth serum if it was then every horny guy that went to the bar would be laid by nights end. It seems that as usual a New Yorker gets it wrong; they did vote in a carpet bagger after all and seem to drink from the kool-aid cooler to much.

It just seems to me that the world is going to hell quickly, and unless it wakes up we will have another Hitler style government killing millions of innocent people in the Middle East and the world in a few years. As far as Mrs. or Miss Adams goes, I can not see her being married, what man would want to be with that. I hope she finds a place for her hate and ignorance

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

EU-No intent yet to add Hizbollah to terror list

"Given the senstitive situtaion, I don't think this is something we will be acting on now," Finnish Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja, told a news conference following an emergency meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels.

What is wrong with this picture? Besides the misspelling of the reporter of this story that is. Is there something in the water in Brussels that makes these men and woman of Europe so cowardly? I mean how much more crap can one group do before they are finally referred to as the terrorist they are. They intentionally target civilians, they intentionally target innocent people and yet they are herald as the victims. Let us not forget it was Hezbollah digging a tunnel and snatching the soldiers that started this whole mess.

It wasn’t as if the Israelis launched some air raids, or sent in tanks into southern Lebanon first. It is not as if the other group on the border didn’t kidnap a soldier first. In all my time of watching these developments over my 20 years of paying attention to this sort of thing, one thing stands out above all else, that is the Islamofascist have started every conflict.

We get them to agree to a cease fire, and everyone breathes a sigh of relief that some war has been avoided. Then 6 months to 6 years later we have another provoke attack by groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, all we need is for Iran and Syria to stop acting as proxies and just invade Israel. Then the US will be justified in finishing this war that they seem to want to start.

Lets not be confused here, the US would wipe the floor with Iran, Syria, and any other nation that openly attacked. This is why they can not and will not attack openly. They will continue to fund these terror groups for their proxy war against the Israelis, and the US will continue to fund Israel all the while we get to suffer the fools that condemn Israel but not the ones that started the whole mess.

I realize that we might not know who started this mess 1000 of years ago; I have read reports of this fighting starting around 900 BC. But we know who is starting it after each and every cease fire. We need the world to rise up in voice and stop this backwards view of putting the aggressors as the victims, just because the original victims, the Israelis in this case, have the technological advantage and the superior standing army. When we can say with one voice “You started this attack and you should lay down your arms and cease the hostilities Hezbollah” we will continue to have these skirmishes and we will continue to see cowards in the EU and the US, namely socialist liberal weenies, to condemn the innocent and pander to the terrorists.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Isareal pushes deeper into Lebanon

Just when the world cries more and more for Israel to stop the bombings, especially in light of the recent building collapse where many women and children were killed. I have reservations about that as the building didn't collapse till 8 hrs later, according to other news sources I have heard on the radio. You can see some photos here that really burn my ass.

It is hard to fight anyone that has this view on life, or death if you want. To parade the dead children around as some trophy for the news is just atrocious. You do not see Israel or other western nations doing this. So why are these barbarians so hell bent on showing their dead. You know when I watch the news and talk to others on this matter. I see to contrasting views. On one side I see Hezbollah celebrate whenever there are Israelis killed, and they parade around their dead for the cameras as some trophy to be seen by the whole world. Meanwhile, I hear Israelis that mourn their dead and denounce the killing the any child. I do not see Israelis trotting out the bodies of their citizens killed by Hezbollah rockets for the world to see. I do not see them televising the funerals.

You know now that I think about it, maybe they are doing that but because of the Media bias the stories are not getting out? I mean there has definitely been a lot more sympathy for Hezbollah than for Israel in the media coverage. There have been over 2000 missiles launched into Israel, I have seen very little mention of that, or have I seen many mentions of the two countries that Hezbollah gets their weapons from, or money to function.

Either way I am glad that Israel is taking their citizens safety seriously, heaven knows the rest of the world and the liberals in the US are as anti-semantic as the Nazi's during World War II. I will pray for peace and hope that it will be lasting, that may mean that Israel will need to continue till Hezbollah is finally disarmed as the UN stated years ago.